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I’m flattered that you like my work enough to want to use it, copy, it, or re-blog it.  Being that this is part of a manuscript in progress, I’d greatly appreciate it if you’d get my permission before reproducing anything on this blog for any reason. 

"But, you’re anonymous!"  Yes, but that doesn’t mean you can steal my shit!  Sorry, I know you’re not stealing it.  But I can be found and I can be asked nicely.  If you agree to the terms of reuse (which will depend on what you are doing with my work), we will be BFFs (and nobody gets hurt).


As you can see from the previous paragraph, I am prone to let a four-letter-word slip out every now and then.  Just like with television, if you don’t like it, change the channel. Nobody is forcing you to be here.  I will not tolerate derogatory comments directed at me or how I choose to express myself in my own space.  I will also not tolerate derogatory comments to the people who choose to comment on my posts.  Agree or disagree but let’s be civilized human beings, okay?

Guest Posts

The terms and conditions of the Permissions and Disclaimers statements above also apply to those who submit a guest post here.  Please contact ME first (via the “Contact” page) to inquire about reuse of guest posts.